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Talk Radio

written by eric bogosian

"...under the skilled direction of Leon Shanglebee, the electrifying, can't-take-your-eyes-off-him Christian Levatino makes the incendiary talk show host appealing in his moral outrage, showing us the bristling humanity hidden in the man who wears his intolerance of the ordinary and complacent as a badge of pride."


Terri Roberts

Mar. 23, 2006


Heading 2

"Give abundant credit, though, to the direction and the players, who make it not just watchable but highly entertaining; especially give it to the show’s star, Christian Levatino, who as Bogosian’s indefatigably insufferable talk host Barry Champlain cuts the role apart and dices it into a rich roux of smartass angularity, tough-guy wincing, and conversational thuggery."


April 5, 2006

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