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written and directed by christian levatino


A piece like this isn’t just scribbled willy nilly, it’s the product of both vision and methodical discipline to both historical research and the craft of playwriting.

I would suggest that anyone who fancies themselves the next Mamet or Pinter, take their heads out of their asses and treat themselves to ...meantime at HoJo’s and be humbled by the exciting work that is being done by American playwrights today.


First off, the dialogue is whip smart and akin to being in a steel dome while bullets ricochet off every curve. I didn’t know where these terms and lingo are coming from as they zipped past my ears, but as much as any costume piece relies on specificity of design, the nuance of dialogue must be sufficiently accurate in order to transport the audience to another time and place. And boy does it - as if it were taken directly off of some lost surveillance recordings. This play is a monster of an undertaking.

Michael Shaw Fisher

Artistic Director and Founder of The Orgasmico Theatre Co.

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