Meet Cryo-Man, AKA Lance Metuzzi, a salesman selling families on the perks of being cryonically preserved imediately after death.

He happens to be the fucking best there is.

Lance holding his Seventh consecutive Cryo-Man of the year Award 

Written by Christian Levatino

Directed by Charles Espozito

Starring Darrett Sanders as Lance Matuzzi

A 10-minute barnburner coming this September to the SHORT + SWEET  Theater festival in hollywood!  The world's Largest 10-minute theater festival held inside the beautiful stella adler theatre.

Cry0-Man  will run:

Thursday, September 15th @ 8pm 

Friday, September 16th @ 8pm 

Saturday, September 17th @ 8pm 

Sunday, September 18th @ 7pm.

It's In The Way That You Use It - Eric Clapton
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